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The Portable Nine: Book Launch Follow-Up

Proving that you can never plan for every possible glitch when launching a new title, a bizarre technical issue with my blog reared its ugly head over the weekend. Some of my subscribers may have been able to link to my last post from their e-mail, but I'm guessing that most were not. The post remained consistently accessible from my website, but links posted to social media and elsewhere failed routinely. All has now been fixed, so this is my long-winded way of apologizing for any confusion that resulted.

I also want to make sure you're all aware that my debut novel, The Portable Nine, is now available as both an eBook and a paperback. Click here (or on the image below) for order details.

And since the original post includes a lot of fun information, I'd like to link to it here.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear again so soon after my initial post. I hope you have half as much fun with The Portable Nine as I did writing it!

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