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Welcome, traveler. If you're a fan of dark fiction, you've come to the right place. Much of what I write can be considered horror. Some stories are more in the line of crime and suspense. All are fantasy in one sense or another (is any fiction not?). Some tales are set in the here and now. Some will whisk you off to wholly imaginary settings. But all of them, rest assured, are plenty dark. It's just where my writer's imagination tends to lead me.


There's light along the way, of course. Humor, love, compassion, empathy, justice, honor, and loyalty, for instance. Occasionally I even try to leave you with a scrap of hope. But I write what I see, and I cannot apologize for that. What I see is my truth. If I can't trust in that, I have nothing to lean on, and nothing to offer.


As a reader, I have always loved short stories, poetry, and novels. The same has proven true for me as a writer. That means I'm easily distracted from my novel writing by a sudden, compelling idea for a short piece. But more novels are coming, I assure you, and they will be the best work I can possibly give you. Even so, I hope to continue to alarm and enlighten with the foreshortened terrors teeming in my brain. They, too, are delivered with exceeding care and attention.


Remember, there is a deep, eternal sadness in being human: a deliciously morbid attachment to the ephemeral. We squander this gift at our own peril.


Best wishes,

Pete Mesling

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