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Order The Portable Nine!

I am all the adjectives as I reveal the cover of my debut novel: delighted, ecstatic, giddy, frolicsome ... You get the picture. But this isn’t only a cover reveal. Both the eBook and paperback editions of The Portable Nine are now live. Click here (or on the cover image above) to lock in on a copy of this suspenseful novel of global intrigue.

Here are some of the damaged souls you’ll acquaint yourself with in The Portable Nine (they are, in fact, the Portable Nine):

Davenport—civilized but capable of violence

Abel Hazard—dangerous in his inability to experience fear

Miranda Gissing—skilled at staging murder scenes to look like accidents

Dr. Joseph Intaglio—trained in psychiatry, inclined toward manipulation

Mr. Bonnet—completely blind but able to navigate the world through hallucinations

Twitch Markham—always prepared for the worst, a man on the brink of madness

The Butcher—driven by blood lust but smart enough to know there is strength in numbers

Lovinia Dulcet—furtive and deadly, a jilted former pornographic actress

Robin Varnesse—happy to steal from the rich and give to the cause

This is a book about morality in a world coming apart at the seams. But more importantly, it’s a rollicking good time. At least that’s my hope. The foreword will provide a good deal more background on its genesis and intentions, so I do hope you give yourself the chance to read that.

But instead of yacking on and on about it, how about I give you a sample chapter in the form of a reading? Here, then, is your formal introduction to Abel Hazard:

It’s an exciting time for me on the writing and publishing front. Last year I published Jagged Edges & Moving Parts, my second collection of short horror stories (the only one currently in print), and come summertime, I plan to follow up The Portable Nine with a collection of crime fiction. Then, about a year from now, my fantasy novel for young readers will see the light of day. I’m also waist deep in a sequel to The Portable Nine, and my next horror collection is already planned, down to the sequence of stories.

Believe it or not, this is only the tip of an iceberg. Frothing in the caves of my mind are the beginnings of a young-adult science-fiction novel, a horror novel, and several more short story collections. Oh, and that sequel to The Portable Nine that I mentioned? Yes, it does mean that I have a series on my hands, and I wish I could tell you about the hook upon which I’ve decided to hang that saga. All in good time. (There is an informative Easter egg in the back matter of The Portable Nine.)

To be honest, none of this is worth much of a damn if you’re not along for the ride, so thanks for your continued interest. Feel free to bring your friends, too, but I’d hang on for dear life if I were you. It’s shaping up to be one hell of a road trip.

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