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Under the Bulb with Steve Stred

I suppose now that I'm essentially off social media, with the occasional exception of TikTok, I should at least keep faithful readers of my blog abreast of what's going on with me fiction-wise. I recently had the honor of being invited to Steve Stred's series of bite-size interviews, 3Q's, so let's start with that, shall we? Kindly click on the no-expense-incurred image below to learn about my latest book, what kind of writing schedule I keep to (or don't), the superpowers I'd have if I were in a comic book, and more!

Here's hoping that will tide you over until there's more to report. Which won't be long, by the way. In the very near future, I'll be dedicating a post to some of the best pieces of music I've written over the years, complete with SoundCloud links, origin stories, and other fun trivia.

Don't miss out!

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Happy Holidays!

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