In Pursuit of Lemarchand's Box: A Pilgrimage to Dallas

Such sights to show you ... Outside of close friends and family, there aren’t many people I’d travel 1,600 miles to see. Clive Barker is one of them. I flew from Seattle to Los Angeles in 2013 to take in a screening of the “Cabal Cut” of Nightbreed, which Clive attended, along with Mark Miller, but that trip was also an excuse to catch up with an old friend. In attending Texas Frightmare Weekend (TFW), May 4, 5 and 6 of 2018, on the other hand, I had no motivation other than the guest list, and although it was a great thrill to meet the Cenobites from the first two Hellraiser films (most of whom were also in Nightbreed), and most of the actors who have portrayed Jason Voorhees in the Friday


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